Spectrum Technologies Group, LLC


} Monday thru Friday 9 am to 6 pm

Professional Website Design, Development, Hosting, Upgrades, Security & Maintenance.

We have a combined 30 years in our profession and have staff whom deal with each aspect of website design, from the hardware to the actual website. And follow-up maintenance and security personnel always available.

We will design your website from scratch, unlike most other web designers we do not use pre-fab templates and cut and paste. We will design your new website in either HTML, Bootstrap, WordPress CMS, Drupal CMS, Joomla CMS, Concrete5 CMS. We will also ensure that your si te is mobile responsive on any device. We can also design and implement secure on-line shops for your retail or home-based business.

We offer re-design and upgrades from existing older HTML based sites and will bring new life to your old site.

We design sites from the Personal Blog, to small businesses to include Restaurants, Auto Dealers, Computer Stores, Hair Salons, Pets and Vets, to Corporate sites, Wedding Portfolio sites, Manufacturing and Factory Websites, Directory websites, Delis, Insurance and Financial Institutions, Medical, Dental and others in this field. We also design for Government entities and also Community websites. Finally we offer discounted design to Religious Organizations and Charities. There is not limit as to what we can and cannot do – we will build the site for you or your organization.

We are nor just designers – we “ARE” developers – and are locally located in New Jersey and never outsource to Foreign companies. All work is done in house by staff or contracted employees.

We also offer a dedicated Domain Registration Service and can handle all of your registration needs, at domains-o-rama.com.

We host all of our websites on our Steel Box Dedicated Servers located at a Green Data Center in Chicago. Il, with fall-back servers (mirrored) in case of any emergency – unlike other companies whom use GoDaddy or HostGator servers and share them with others. We OWN our servers and also completely control them. Also as a Security Wall – we also protect ALL our servers with a modified Super Kernel called Atomik ASL which stops 99.8% of hacks and viruses – the other .1% is protected by the actual sites we build with the added security we code into each individual site. We cna Guarantee your site will never be harmed. And in that other .1% chance you are, we perform nightly FULL backups of all sites and on top of that we mirror those backups to three other locations for backup only.

We also offer iOS and Android APP development in-house and can design the APP you want. We can also handle the deployment and upkeep of these APP.

Finally, and very important is we also can provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your business can and will be found. We use everything including GeoTargeting your audience to bring you clients and customers. We offer SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay per Click) Last but not least we also can integrate all Social Media into your website and assist and provide out services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and other Social sites out in the World Wide Web.

And look out in the future – we are developing and utilizing Google Wallet and the iOS Passbook to bring to businesses – Beacon Customer Notifications, Customer Push Notifications and Customer Loyalty Cards – all done on the iOS and Andorid smartphones. This is a revolutionary add-on that business can implement to keep customers informed, and also provide a paperless Loyalty system. This will also be able to be incorporated into a website for even more business growth. (Expected time of launch will be early to mid Spring 2015).

We are a “GROUP” a complete “TECHNOLOGY” group with a wide “SPECTRUM” (everything from a to z), hence Spectrum Technologies Group can handle all of your needs with Websites, Hosting, Maintenance, Security, APP Development and Social Media and Search Engine Optimization.

On NEW Websites – we will waive the first years hosting fees.

On RE-DESIGNS and MIGRATIONS to S.T.G. – we will waive those fees and first years hosting.


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